In today’s lightning-fast world of cyber fraud, detection & prevention require a comprehensive, low latency approach to matching data points with activities to uncover abnormalities and stop hackers.

FraudBlock™ is the flagship cybersecurity platform of the Digital Innovation Group in B2B Smart Fraud Protection Services

Who we are

FraudBlock™ is the flagship cybersecurity platform of the Digital Innovation Group in B2B Smart Fraud Protection Services. Across the globe, concerted efforts are taking place at every level to improve privacy, protect business transactions and adopt identity-centric security best practices.

Our new Digital Economy harnesses technology to rework traditional exchanges and enable new ones, yet businesses still rely on legacy tools such as email to conduct business-to-business transactions and establish a digital footprint. Over time, email has evolved into an identity of business users but has also become highly susceptible to common hacking and phishing attacks that place all transacting parties at risk.

FraudBlock™ eliminates the vulnerability of email as a source of information, establishes identity best practices, and harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to detect and prevent fraud, and leverages blockchain technology to protect all parties in a secure transaction. At FraudBlock™, we understand that having a fail-proof security posture to conduct business is a significant area of focus for nearly everyone. This is why, as an emerging technology company, we founded ourselves on the core principle of eliminating fraud in B2B transactions.

With over 20 years of advanced technical skills and first-hand knowledge across our leadership team, we know what information security best practices look like and bring this knowledge and experience to all our existing and new customers with FraudBlock™.


FraudBlock™ is led by the same team as its parent organization, Digital Innovation Group Holdings, LLC.

Jason Bennick


DIG is headed by its President, Jason Bennick, a 25-year technology veteran, MIT Entrepreneur Boot Camp Graduate, MIT Sloan Blockchain alumni, seasoned startup founder, and industry leader in building innovative business solutions.

Darryl Maraj

Head of Technology

Darryl Maraj, Head of Technology, is a 20-year business technologist and award-winning CIO with an aptitude for matching core business initiatives with future-proofed technology solutions.

Parent Organization

In 2020, the Digital Innovation Group was formed by GA Telesis with the purpose of innovating the use of emerging technology to help advance business well into the 21st century.

With over one billion in assets under management, GA Telesis LLC is one of the world’s largest commercial aerospace firms, operating its sales, leasing, distribution, and maintenance facilities in the United States, Canada, UK, Finland and China. The DIG team is innovating business solutions across multiple industries and a variety of verticals. DIG welcomes a discussion with enterprises who operate within one or more of these communities to explore the potential of innovating mutual opportunities.