Our unique and patent-pending FraudBlock™ technology provides businesses at every level an easy, fast and secure way to eliminate payment fraud risk. Using this technology, businesses can rest assured their customers, vendors and employees are protected against the growing risk of payment fraud attack.

FraudBlock was designed and built to efficiently and accurately prevent fraud

Fraud Prevention

Banks today cannot guarantee your wire transfers or payments will be free of fraudulent activity, placing the risk 100% back on the customer when using banks to transfer money or make payments.

FraudBlock “fills the gap” for businesses by using intelligence, automation, and a unique blend of technologies to detect and prevent payment fraud before it can happen.

Providing accurate risk assessments in just seconds, FraudBlock™ helps businesses make well-informed payment decisions. Our thresholds automatically flag suspicious users and manage false positives so as a business, you have a clear picture of the risk in making payments to ensure you are not subject to fraud.

Proactive Intelligence

Proactive Intelligence

Data and machine learning are the most effective applications for fraud prevention. In the face of modern threats, this has become a must to futureproof any organization.

FraudBlock™ leverages machine learning models to dynamically detect fraudulent email IDs, bank accounts, business entities, and individuals through behavior analysis and activity examination. Our system intelligence reads information in real-time, allowing knowledge to be used within milliseconds to update machine learning models and prevent fraudulent outcomes.

FraudBlock™ proactive intelligence uses statistical models to look at past outcomes and anomalies to predict future outcomes, so informed decisions can be arrived at instantly.

Bank Validation

Using our trusted and certified third-party partnerships, FraudBlock™ proactively collects information directly from banks and primary sources, providing accurate and comprehensive bank validation intelligence.

Using data compiled and regularly updated by a team of 140 data analysts working in 19 languages, our validation methods provide the utmost in account validation confidence.

FraudBlock™ third-party bank validation is one of the most integral functions of the customer and vendor onboarding process to provide reliable and accurate routing information, yielding the following benefits to its users:

Automate and standardize the account and identity verification process when onboarding clients to mitigate risk of fraudulent accounts.

Provide instant visibility of payment party routing to ensure confidence and trust of where funds are going on every payment.

Provide additional features to the machine learning protocol to increase the success in identifying anomalies.

Identity & Business Validation

Identity & Business Validation

To the naked eye, fraudsters and good hats do not appear particularly different from one another. Within FraudBlock, our intelligence has a deeper and more nuanced way of viewing data, which helps avoid false positives.

FraudBlock is designed to preempt identity & business fraud using rule-based patterns and select algorithms for reliable fraud detection, using anomaly detection and fraud prediction to respond to bad actors instantly.

All identity and business information stored, shared, or changed is recorded on a secure enterprise blockchain where the end-user has full control of where their data is stored and shared. Any changes or updates to sensitive data are automatically evaluated by artificially intelligent machine learning models that are uniquely trained to identify and flag anomalies.

Most companies consider fraud attempts to be an external threat; however, these same businesses lack visibility of with whom or where their information is shared and when it was last updated. Take, for instance, an internal employee who is responsible for receiving vendor payments and who may be redirecting those from customers to a different third-party account for their own benefit.

How could a company identify and mitigate this threat today? Using Blockrails, any payment re-assignment is recorded on a blockchain where it cannot be altered. Furthermore, this act is passed through an anomaly detection machine learning model that will score the likelihood of fraud.

Finally, all parties related to the transaction are then alerted to that potential fraud and action can be immediately taken to avert a fraudulent payment.

Fraud Activity Insights

Fraud is not solely addressed by intelligence, as domain expertise business rules must be combined so operators within businesses can visually inspect patterns and rules efficacy through visualization of activities.

FraudBlock™ is well-suited to meet the needs of diverse business demands, providing user-level insights through our optional Network Operating Center (dashboard) of actionable insights to help better manage key area decision-making in how to optimize fraud mitigation.

FraudBlock™ helps organizations to build and maintain a modern fraud and financial crimes management infrastructure by increasing alignment between different internal teams, allowing them to better collaborate on workflow adjustments in onboarding and existing account management to reduce the risk of fraud…

We help discover anomalous behaviors and perform root cause analyses by providing real-time insights that can help decrease the possibility of fraudulent accounts and the resulting loss of thousands or millions in payments due to fraud.